A new year will always make us question what we are doing, are we doing it correctly, are we making the best of ourselves in business, are we enjoying what we do, are we meeting our budgets, do we want to do something different?  The questions can be endless and, at some times, quite distracting.

I recently had a great meeting with Graham Ballantyne, a Director at UK Business Mentors.  A very interesting and helpful conversation which was simply supposed to be a “getting to know you over a coffee” chat.   Yet during our conversation, Graham pointed out to me that “I wasn’t promoting my best side”.  He is the third or fourth person to mention this to me and it, quite simply, got me thinking.

It’s very interesting isn’t it how we all have a view of ourselves and what we know we can do, yet we underplay the side of us that is truly more inspiring, innovative and shows off our own values and skills as an experienced business person.  I have, over the years, always seen myself as a PA: yet, I am actually a Marketing Director, who got made redundant in 2002 during one of the recessions, (marketing budgets are always the first to go) and reverted to my very first role of being a PA.  Being a PA is obviously a “safety net” that has followed me through my career yet I know that I add so much more value to my clients’ business’.  It’s time for change.

So, this is me.  I am actually able to assist with BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING and…… “BONUS” you get a PA as well.  Why wouldn’t you? 2 for a bit more than the price of 1!

I am not going to rebrand, I am not going to over think this, I am just going to take much more time to talk to people, get to know their business, share my knowledge and experiences, and help business people where I can. I am simply feeling more fired up and ready to go.  Who knows, things may not change much, but I feel more inspired, refreshed and ready to just go for it.

So that’s me.  Let’s see what this year brings, and………just remember,



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