How outsourcing email management can improve your work life balance

As we set out on the venture of a new business, we are confident with our concept and ideas, have a business plan and budget in place and are happy with our decision to work from home, thereby giving us flexibility to improve our work life balance.

However, it isn’t quite that simple. …

We have forgotten about all the necessary administration that is part of any business whether it is a one-man band, a handful of professionals or a much larger corporation:

  • Contact and email management
  • Bookkeeping and invoicing
  • Keeping on top of meetings and follow-up
  • Meeting preparation
  • Social Media

These are just a few of the more important back office tasks that take time out of any entrepreneur’s day, but which are crucial to sustaining business growth and business development.

Only YOU can create a better Work Life Balance for YOU!

Do you ever ask yourself, “Didn’t I set up my own business, to create a better work life balance? “ Yet you find you are doing these “back-office” jobs at the weekends because you don’t have time during your working week to fit them in?! Are you missing taking a break so that you can use that time to over come this additional workload? Are you dreading looking at your inbox after a weekend because you know that there could be things you really should have done but just haven’t had the time?  Only YOU can change this!

This is where working with a Virtual Assistant (Virtual PA or VA) can help you, the business owner. It allows you to focus on your sales growth and business development, the things you set out to do when you decided to set up your own business in the first place while your Virtual PA works on these other tasks.

Focusing on Email and Contact Management, a Virtual PA can set up an email address that shows that they are part of your business, can manage your emails, respond on your behalf, add contacts into your database, write notes as necessary and can follow up with clients if you so wish. A Virtual PA can also connect with your contacts on Social Media, assuming it is set up (if not, I will cover this in further blogs). All you will have to do is find the right VA and spend a short amount of time discussing with him or her how you like to work.

All this and you have no over heads, as your VA will be operating from their own office and will be freelance and self employed. While you will have an additional invoice at the end of each month for their time, you can quite easily quantify this against the time that you have spent generating further sales to offset such costs.

There are still so many people who haven’t heard about Virtual Assistants. I come across at least one person at every networking event I attend, who doesn’t now what a Virtual PA can do, or worse, has not even heard of the concept.

If you would like to hear and learn more about how a VA can help you, feel free to drop me an email. I would be more than happy to have an informal chat about what sort of help you may be looking for. Don’t waste time thinking about it; contact Alison, a Virtual PA ( NOW.







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