Well it has been a while since I have put pen (well type) to paper. However, I thought I would write today about the power of Social Media and Networking. Quite simply, I have been astounded by its impact on my little new venture.

I am an old school marketer, where dinosaurs once roamed and social media never existed. However, Social Media really is the new marketing. I completed a Social Media course, which has proven helpful when working with my business clients. Yet, I have never really used Facebook for my own business. My business services, as is in the name, is more B2B and not necessarily B2C.

Having recently qualified as a Boxercise instructor, something I have been threatening to do for the last 18 months. I launched my first classes in my local area just 10 days ago. Facebook was the obvious choice for marketing this, and joining relevant local groups to do such promoting was key. But I also had to find venues, work out times, dates, buy all the gear and produce my own marketing material.

After engaging with several posts and comments within specific groups, joining those groups and setting up a relevant page business page, as well as my own Facebook group, my first class had 16 people booked on. The interest is growing day by day. I now have 30 members of my own Facebook group, and my business page FitBox (@AliFitBox), in a 28-day period reached 912 people (up by 911!) and I had post engagements of 110 (up 110). I also find that I am a different person. I am chattier and actually more relaxed because I am doing something else that I am really enjoying!

I am astounded by the trend, having never experienced this form of success for myself, so quickly and so obviously (as per the figures above). I can now see why people sponsor “You Tubers”, why social media ads are probably worth their weight in gold and fully realise why businesses do use and need social media to grow (better late then never).

I have another similar success story. A friend of mine recently launched her own business, Firehorse. She works with young British designers and produces the most magnificent silk scarves, designed and hand made in England. Eat your heart out Hermes, these are fantastic! Through Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media, she is making some great connections and creating awareness for the brand and the product. The power of networking has also played an important part and connections and introductions have been made via common contacts. But then, that’s what networking is all about. Helping others grow their business. Apparently they call it “the giver’s gain”, but we are all entrepreneurs just trying to succeed in something that we enjoy doing.  Why wouldn’t you help if you could.

Ooh and I must say, my scarf arrived today, WOW. I went for Arabesque, what’s your favourite?


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