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A Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you manage your Social Media

In my blog, “Email Management” I mentioned that I would write about how a VA could help with Social Media for SMEs, Entrepreneurs and other smaller businesses. Normally the bigger corporations have their own in-house marketing team, which is the only reason I have not included them in the “hit list” above, but there is actually no reason why they couldn’t use a VA too.

As we set out on our entrepreneurial journey, having realised that perhaps a VA would be a great idea to help get on top of all the admin, this doesn’t preclude any other tasks.

A good VA should also have a good knowledge of simple Social Media. This would include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

There are, of course, many other forms of social media but I am mentioning those with which most people are more familiar.

Many small business owners fail to realise the importance of “being social”. It is the new “marketing” in my view and given I have a marketing degree, which does admittedly provide me with a good general back ground in marketing, it certainly doesn’t cover Social Media.

All B2B companies should as a minimum be using LinkedIn. All B2C businesses should be using as a minimum Facebook. These are, I should point out, in my view, the bare minimum and a lot would depend on your target market.

A VA can assist with the set up of all these forms of Social Media and can, if the business owner would like, manage their “voice” online. Naturally, there has to be a good business relationship between both parties as well as an excellent understanding of goals and knowledge of the business and this is something that can be learnt on an individual basis, through time. Admittedly it may take more time to add the “personal touch” required, yet the time and money saved by the business owner in the long run is well worth the effort in the short term.

Give it some thought. Are you spending too much time pondering what you should be saying online, through your social media channels? Could that time be better spent elsewhere? Think about it – what is your time actually worth financially? You will be surprised if you do the maths.

I have recently completed a City & Guilds Certificate on Social Media with Concise Training and am able to help you with your Social Media.

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