Virtual PA become Chauffeur to Client’s Dog

When I set up my business in 2011 as a Virtual PA never in my wildest dreams did I expect one of my tasks to be driving a Client's Dog.  I expected small and large businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants or anyone who had set up in business and needed any admin support, book keeping, social media help, general PA support. Well, that’s what you would expect, wouldn’t you?

I was living in London and decided to do my own leaflet drop in the neighbouring area for my business, (yes, believe it or not, in the world of social media and digital marketing, leaflet drops do still occasionally work). A few days later I was contacted by a family who needed a PA to manage the rental of their two holiday villas in Tuscany. Never, in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be asked to drive their beautiful chocolate labrador to Tuscany for their holidays.   How wrong was I?

In this particular year, logistics for the whole family didn’t come together and they were struggling to get their cherished pooch to Tuscany for their “Summer Long” holiday. They asked me if I would mind driving her using their car via the Tunnel and through France. Of course, surprised, I agreed, I was intrigued more than anything.

We set off on a fine summer's evening with our precious cargo stretched out in the back of the BMW, relaxed and sleeping. I should mention that we also had a car load of other items the family needed, which was piled high in the boot of the car.  Our 'Passenger', however, had pride of place on the back seat.  We (my husband came too), had a couple of surprisingly relaxing overnight stops in two lovely French towns, with dinner in the restaurants, dog bowl at our feet, and some lovely walks, ensuring "four paws" was kept refreshed and exercised. Naturally the journey took somewhat longer than we would normally have taken, given the necessary pit stops for “her ladyship” to re-hydrate and stretch her legs, but we still arrived late afternoon two days later in Tuscany, where we released our Passenger from our charge to her rightful owners and family. We were greeted with a glass of champagne and our “furry friend”, a delightful bowl of cool fresh water!

So there it is, no end to my flexibility as a Virtual PA!

Would I do it again? Why not, it was actually quite fun!

Alison Bell


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