Who is going to help you?

Theoretically most of the panic that set in when “Lock-Down” was announced is now over.  Some of us have been furloughed and I guess are doing OK, I am going to use the word “OK” loosely, as I don’t think any of us are really “OK”, but given the situation……

Those of us who are self-employed have been in a state of panic, we have lost clients, we have gained clients.  Hopefully some of us will be lucky enough to get something from HMRC in June – my fingers are crossed for all of us!

So, with the initial panic over, we are now knuckling down with next steps planning, hearing a load of social media noise, blog writing, jokes online, virtual networking and the list goes on.

But let’s focus on “Planning” and your Big Plan for the future.  This is going to be key for all of us when we come out of lock-down.  We have been procrastinating, brain storming, digesting the news, budget planning, action planning, sales and marketing planning, but!  Don’t forget to think about how you are actually going to implement your “Big Plan”.

Who is going to help you?  We all need help at some stage of our business planning.  A Business Coach will help with the initial stages.  The you, as the entrepreneur, will identify the key people you would like to work with to help you implement your ideas and new Big Plan.  Social Media isn’t easy, admin support, HR, training, marketing and sales support, accounting and book keeping assistance.  These are all key to the success of our businesses.  However, most importantly, you need to surround yourself with the right people.  Not only those who are good for the job in hand, but more importantly, those who you can relate to.   Your personalities need to fit.  So, who do you “click” with?  Who can you rely on to help you grow your business?

Think about it.  Don’t just stop once you have mapped out your next steps.  Make sure you have the people you want already prepped to help you.  You don’t want them to become too busy themselves and not have the capacity to help you too.

I’m here to help as always.  Stay safe!


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