Enjoying Life, Isn’t that what it’s all about?

I became a freelance PA so that I could meet different people, work in varying business sectors (a PA doesn’t really need to be confined to one business sector as the skills are quite transient), with the flexibility to work as much/little as I choose. It is always difficult when one first sets up a business. We are all guilty of taking on too much, unable to say “no”, worrying about the bills that need paying and so making our working life quite complicated as we juggle tasks to ensure job security.

I recently realised how, in the “Modern World” we are caught up in such a “rat race.” Why do we do this to ourselves?

On a 2-week holiday cycling around Myanmar (previously Burma), I couldn’t and didn’t work, and that alone was incredibly uplifting. It had been a while since I had been away without any form of work or laptop to check and having the freedom to just enjoy the scenery and relax was quite over-powering.   Yet the main sentiment I took from my trip was just how happy the Burmese people are, yet their lives are so simple.

On our bikes we would set off early morning each day passing through villages as the children were walking to school; they all waved and ran to us smiling and laughing. Even the little ones, who weren’t old enough to go to school, would see us coming and run from their home to be at the roadside as we cycled past, shouting “mingalaba” (hello) and waving frantically.   Their parents, too, would be waving from the windows, people would wave from their carts, lorries and even stand on a cow to see us and wave! These people, with simple homes (admittedly with a satellite dish and a mobile phone) live their lives based on village community, family and naturally their religion.  They are all so happy and content.

We, the population of the much more “Modern World,” seem to have forgotten the meaning of simple happiness and contentment. We are obsessed with owning the most up-to-date iPhone, iPad, Laptop, TV, bigger house, bigger garden, the list goes on and on. When did we become like this? When did we lose sight of what matters?

I ask everyone who reads this to just stop a moment and think about this.  Do you have the right work-life balance?  Do you need help to get there and if so ask for it.  My focus is to make sure I get that balance right. After all, that is why I set up my own Freelance PA business.   Hope my readers will reflect and do the same!

I travelled with Exodus on their cycling tour

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