Self-Employed – We really don’t now how good we have it until it is gone!

It’s true. Last year, having been a self employed, Freelance PA and Business Services provider since 2011, I decided that perhaps I needed a change and that returning to a full time job, employed by a growing company, was the way forward.

My decision was based on several things; need of a change, was getting bored with things generally, better financial stability and I felt that I had lost my “mojo”!

I was lucky, an opportunity came across my LinkedIn radar very unexpectedly and within a week I had agreed favourable working terms and was off on the road to professional and financial stability… so I thought. I had agreed to work freelance as I wound down my business with a view to being fully employed by January 2019.

How wrong was I? The first two to three weeks were fine, a new job, new people and different challenges, as well as having the opportunity to put into practice some of my recently unused marketing skills.

BUT….. Eventually reality set in. I was getting to the office for 7am and actually working until around 6pm. Being the type of committed person that I am, I only took a 15-minute break during the day and given the location of the office, any fresh air was a gloomy walk around a business park! I recall asking myself, “Is this it, is this what I have to do for the next 10 or so years?”

I suddenly realised that I missed the lovely long walks with my dog and the ability to manage my own daily diary so that I could meet a friend for a coffee, go to the gym, or just take some time out. I was missing the opportunity to meet new business people through networking, to feel inspired and motivated by like-minded people and I missed being able to chose and control my own destiny. My quality of life had previously really been fantastic, and the only reason it perhaps wasn’t as financially beneficial as it could have been, was that I had lost my “mojo” and the ability to believe in me and what I do.

So I quit and I am back! I took a few weeks away from working, as by the time I had this “epiphany” I had already wound down all my freelance clients. I am now feeling invigorated, rejuvenated and motivated and am networking my heart out as I re-launch myself as a Virtual PA and Business Support provider.

So… take it from me…. once a “self employed person always a self-employed person”? Don’t ever look back, because our quality of life is really fabulous and it is ours to make it so.

Believe in what you do!

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